Check Your Hunting And Camping Supply List Carefully Before You Head Out

Once you arrive at your destination for your hunting or camping trip you will be pretty much cut off from civilization, so it is very wise to make a list of everything that you will need before you leave. Its the little things that can make the difference between a good and bad camping trip, so think real hard of all that you will need.

Insect repellent is a must and forgetting to bring it can lead to misery, so bring two cans, in case the first one runs out. In fact, a can of �Raid Yard Guard� for your camp site can come in real handy if the mosquitoes or biting flies are thick.

Also, a can of ant spray will do the trick if your camp is over run by ants. Use it to make a big circle completely around your camp site and life will be so much better. If you are planing on getting drinking water from a creek you are just asking for a raging case of Giardia and if you have never had it, you don’t want to find out what it is.

You can get it from even crystal clear mountain spring water and it will leave you with the worse case of diarrhea that you have ever had that lasts up to two weeks. This means that you will want to bring more drinking water then you think that you will need, so you don’t run out.

Make sure that you bring more then one flashlight in case one gets dropped or lost and bring plenty of extra flashlight batteries. Also, matches can get damp even in the humid air so it is wise to bring extra cigarette lighters, so you will be able to light your camp fire. Also, a small can of charcoal lighter will save the day for lighting your fire if the weather gets wet.

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